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Text Box: Helping Families Find Their Balance


When your child is feeling stress in their personal or family life, the effects can seem devastating to all of you. SANDY SEEGER, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Psychodramatist, is available for children, adolescents, women and families experiencing conflict, tension, disappointment and frustration in their family life. Sandy addresses a myriad of family issues including;

· Parenting issues (parental control/stress effecting a child)

· Treatment of children with behavioural disorders

· Issues with divorce

· Conduct disorders


· Grief and bereavement

· Problems with sleeping, eating or toileting

· Trauma

· Children of alcoholics

· Adoption

· Physical disabilities

· Gifted children


In addition, Sandy works closely with women on issues such as phase of life, empty nest, problems associated with the raising of a family, anxiety, work stress, infertility, eating concerns/ disorders, trauma resolution, depression, and recovery from childhood sexual abuse.


Through an ongoing learning process, coping skills can be developed and a personal solution to your individual, child or family’s problems can be achieved. In a confidential setting, Sandy can support and aid your family in sorting out parenting conflicts, personal worries, remarriage concerns and other issues that occur before, during and after divorce. Sandra’s approach is dynamic, action oriented and makes use of psychodramatic and psychodynamic interventions. 




-Play Therapy

-EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

-Trauma Resolution

-Expressive Arts Therapy

-Group Therapy

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